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The Quabbin Composting and Organic Gardening Program is a collaborative effort that relies on the support of the school as well as local residents, organizations and local businesses. We are grateful to all the people who share our vision and our work with their support.

The East Quabbin Alliance for a Healthy Community (EQUAL), a local group dedicated to human and environmental health, began developing the program in 2007 and applied to Waste Management, Inc. for funding. We received a major grant from Waste Management which operates the Barre Landfill and Gas to Energy Facility in town. Waste Management continues to support our program by offering a $2,500 scholarship to a graduating senior who has shown leadership and commitment to the work of sustainability.

waste management scholarship

The Greater Worcester Community Foundation also contributed to the start-up of the program with a major grant.

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Other local businesses with shared values and interests, such as Hardwick Farmers' Co-op and Higgins Energy Alternatives in Barre, MA have been steady supporters. The Hardwick Co-op sells our garden seeds in student-designed packaging and returns 100% of the sales to the program. Listening Wellness Center does the same with our medicinal products.

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Higgins Energy Alternatives, Barre, MA Listening Wellness Center, Barre, MA

Finally, local residents support our program with annual donations and by purchasing our produce and our products at farmers' markets. Our student volunteers have developed relationships with local customers who come back each year for our wares, from juicy organic carrots to healing salves. This is truly a community-supported effort at a time when funding is difficult to come by. Involving the community helps to secure our base and expands our ability to reach people with our message.

For more information and inspiration about educational experiences that will help to ensure a sustainable future, please visit Hands To Earth.

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