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Our mission statement reflects our belief in practicing sustainable agriculture ourselves and in spreading the message of our practices in the community. If we can reach enough people about the simple, effective ways to make better use of our resources and promote natural, organic lifestyles, then we can help protect our environment. Every farmers' market, fair, festival, conference or other event we attend is done not only for the purpose of maintaining our program at the high school, but also as a means of reaching out and educating as many people as we can.

Every weekend during the growing season, the QCOGP sells produce at a local farmers' market, typically the Barre Farmer's Market, or Petersham's. Also, we demonstrate composting and sell our "Garden Goods"at the annual Hardwick Fair, which is in a neighboring town in our school district. Attending these local events is an essential part of financially sustaining our program, while remaining fundamentally involved in the education of our local community.

at the farmers marketat the farmers market

At larger events, Quabbin students have had the opportunity to give presentations on our program, answer questions about sustainable agriculture and composting, offer guidance to individuals or groups, and demonstrate the process of composting leftovers. Among these events are:

In the process, we have been able to share our practical ideas on making sustainable choices, while taking away knowledge and inspiration from other like-minded individuals we meet. Moreover, members of our program have the chance to develop confidence and valuable skills in leadership.

In the 2011 school year, a high school senior involved in the QCOGP took the spirit of leadership and education in sustainability to a new level. Serving as a "Sustainability Intern" for the program, Adam Ouellet earned class credit for studying sustainability, doing extensive research, and applying his acquired knowledge in the community. Adam reached out to local businesses to inform them about composting, and helped Calico and Creme, a local restaurant in Hubbardston, enhance their composting on site by designing and building bins for them. Through dedication, hard work, and leadership, Adam exemplifies the impact the QCOGP strives to have in the community.

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The QCOGP also offers hands-on learning to groups interested in our program. We host groups such as students from Doherty High School, located in Worcester, and had the opportunity to show them our garden and our bins, and offer them the unmatched taste of fresh-picked produce. Each year we host resident doctors from the Barre Health Center in our town, who are delighted to take away valuable lessons on the health benefits of organic gardening. Both of these groups have since implemented programs similar to ours. For more information on scheduling a visit, please feel free to contact us.

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For more information and inspiration about educational experiences that will help to ensure a sustainable future, please visit Hands To Earth.

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